Monday, 11 April 2011

On Location in the South of France

Babies and animals are always a challenging combination, then I throw in being on location and the challenge doubles…. Hey, but what photographer doesn’t love a challenge, it just makes the end results that much more rewarding.

The location: a beautiful Grand Maison in the village of Lieuran les Beziérs in the South of France….. the subjects: three babies and the photographer’s toddler! Plus; a one year old grey Newfoundland, two 4 week old Bernese Mountain Dog pups and a two year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

The result: a couple of images of Charlize with Lady Gris, the Newfie; all went well until Lady Gris took a step forward and accidentally gave Charlize a scratch on her leg…. Thankfully Charlize is my daughter and a tough nut!!!

Charlize & Lady Gris

A gorgeous photograph of Bertie, who refused to be with any of the animals but still managed to bring out the smiles…..

Lily, an 11 month old little French baby, was adorable, and posed perfectly with the Bernese Puppy, the Bernese actually proved to be the challenge, continuously trying to take a flying leap off the chair…. Thankfully I always have plenty of hands at the ready to catch any wobbly baby or active animal!

Lily with one of the Bernese Puppies

We ended the shoot with 7 month old Rafael and his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Eléna…. Rafael was a real little character, smiling and laughing for every photograph taken, while Elena sat back unbemused by the situation, wishing she was somewhere else!

Rafael & Eléna


  1. I like your pic of a baby and dog.

  2. How interesting. My husband and I live in Chch, Nz and are moving to the S of France at the end of the year. Your photos are fabulous.