Tuesday, 6 November 2012

DOGS in the Luberon

Earlier in October I had the pleasure of spending 5 days in Provence. I was there with writer Carla Woter, creating a story for DOGS Magazine, on traveling with your Dog in the Luberon.

Carla and I got to stay at some beautiful properties and meet some wonderful people and their beloved dogs. We discovered stunning walks, delicious cafés and restaurants, quaint villages and traditional markets, every place dog friendly.... like  most places in France, the Luberon is a perfect place to live or travel with your four legged best friend.

The highlight of my trip was meeting English Author Peter Mayle. Peter is a true dog lover with a kind gentle soul, his dog Alfred is ADORABLE, I wanted to bring him home with me.

Peter with Alfred

Peter and Alfred enjoying a stroll together

Garou cooling off in the fountain in Cucuron

Kira out for a walk on the property of Bastide St Victor

Pythagoras enjoying a walk through Les Forêt des Cédres near Bonnieux

Bibi walks Paloma through the beautiful gardens of Le Pavillon de Galon, Cucuron

A little Frenchie hangs out in a boutique in Loumarin

Kiko wanders the streets of Ansouis

Patchoun stops for a breather in the shade during a 3 hour hike from Rousillon

The Luberon is a beautiful region of France, particularly gorgeous during the autumn months

Juggling work with being a Mum

I have always been very career orientated, I know how to play, but work has always been my priority. For the first 2 years of being a Mum it was easy to combine family life with work, the three of us were on the road together photographing for The French Cat, The French Dog and Lunch in Provence, but now Charlize is nearly 3 years old and we need to settle down a little..... she started school in September!!!

Me settle down!!! not an easy concept!!! 
I love being on the road, traveling, having a different view everyday; but I do love spending time at home too, but I get bored easily! Andy is the same! I think every day we are planning new things, where we will head to next, what projects should we tackle, but Charlize is our priority now, so it is important that we do what is best for her..... THANK GOODNESS my Mum gave me some great advice during one of our 'what is best for Charlize' talks, she told me that travel is one of the most educational things a child can experience...... Whew, we are off the hook and don't have to pack the suitcases into the closet just yet :)

I love to photograph Charlize, though she is at a challenging age at the moment, a month off 3 years!!! I could catch her in a perfect mood where she is happy to dance for the camera, or she might be completely uncooperative and eventually lead me to total frustration..... why is it I have endless patience with all other subjects but when it comes to photographing someone you know better than anyone else, your patience vanishes out the window!

The other day we went out into the vines for a walk, Charlize wasn't in the most cooperative mood, but sometimes its best just to let them do their own thing!

We are lucky here in the South of France, the light is so crisp and clean.

A favourite place for a walk, The Canal du Midi

My costume making skills were put back into work..... I transformed Charlize into a Cheetah for the local schools Halloween Party.

The latest Book Release

My advanced copies of the French edition of The French Dog and the English, French and German editions of Lunch in Provence have just arrived on my doorstep here in France.... well in the garage as there is a palette full of them!!!

It is always very exciting to receive my advances as it means they are hitting the shelves around the world. The English edition of The French Dog was actually released earlier in the year, but the French edition has just been released in October here in France. Déjeuner en Provence was released in France in mid October, but the rest of the world saw it hit the shelves a couple of weeks earlier.

On the 21st October Monsieur Jean-André Charial and I hosted a cocktail party at Cabro d'Or in Les Baux de Provence to celebrate the launch of Déjeuner en Provence, we had a great turn out and I received some very kind and positive feedback on how well I had captured the true essence of the Provençal life. 

Jean-André and I in fine form 

Being Interviewed by a local French newspaper

The Speech!

More Cover Shoots for DOGS

I love heading to Germany for a few days to create Cover images for DOGS Magazine. I have had the pleasure to work with some gorgeous dogs, all are the adored pets of subscribers to the Magazine.... it is wonderful that Thomas, the Editor in Chief of DOGS, has given readers the opportunity to have their own pets as the Cover Stars. So Thomas and I head off on road trips around Germany to capture a variety of breeds, pure and not so pure, so the cover of each Magazine graces a different character and look for every edition.

A stunning Black Great Dane

Anga was a little nervous to start, but soon settled into the role with ease, she was beautiful, rather tall but very regal.

A couple of gorgeous crossbreeds

Amy was sceptical, Ole was happy go lucky; both totally adorable and great fun to photograph for the first cover shot out in the environment.

An angelic petite Jack Russell

Ball crazy and full of beans, but an absolute angel to photograph, exceptional manners and a character that continuously makes you smile, secretly I think she thinks she is a Kangaroo!

A cute cheeky little Pug and an extremely energetic Weimaraner

An interesting combination of breeds, but these two are great mates. Elf has to be the most well behaved Weimaraner I have ever met and Herr Mops idolizes her, therefore follows suit in all aspects of character; plays hard, runs hard and steps into heel at the drop of a hat... a wonderful couple of dogs to capture through the lens.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

NZ Life & Leisure

A few months ago I was approached by Kate Coughlan the Editor of NZ Life & Leisure Magazine asking if I would be interested in being interviewed and creating some images of 'Our Life in France' to be featured in the Magazine. I was thrilled, Life & Leisure is one of my favorite magazines, so to be included in a publication would be fantastic.

Along with the feature I was also asked to create the cover for the issue, so with a borrowed Egyptian Donkey, a friends dog, my wonderful husband, our gorgeous daughter and our new little kitten Oscar; our back garden became the stage for the Life & Leisure Cover.

Thank you so much Kate and Yolanta from Life & Leisure for creating this wonderful feature which I am extremely proud to be able to share with my friends and family back home in 
New Zealand.


Thursday, 12 April 2012

DOGS - A gorgeous German Magazine

DOGS is a beautiful magazine produced by a small dedicated team of people in Hamburg, Germany. In my opinion DOGS is one of, if not THE best Dog Magazine in the world!!! I just wish it was also published in English, as my German is worse than my French, therefore pretty much non existent!

Last year while I was working in Provence I was visited and interviewed by the editor of DOGS magazine Germany, Thomas Niederste-Werbeck. A wonderful feature on my work as a photographer was not the only outcome of this visit, I now have a great friendship and working relationship with Thomas and the team at DOGS. Over the past 6 months I have visited Germany to create a number of cover images for the Magazine as well as a couple of feature articles......

This image was chosen from my collection of images, an image I have always loved but it has never been used, it was great to see it used on the cover of the 5th Anniversary issue.

Lotte, a gorgeous Kelpie Cross from just outside Dusseldorf.
The first of the 'readers' dogs I photographed for a cover.

Lulu, a fun loving Boston Terrier from Hamburg

Indira & Charlie, two beautiful cuddly and affectionate Newfoundlands from another little village near Dusseldorf.

Charlie reminded me so much of my old boy Henry, who was the love of my life for 7 and a half years.

I also photographed an article on 'Small Dogs' which was a lot of fun; Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Boston Terriers, Papillons, Coton du Tulears, a Miniature Poodle and a Miniature Pinscher....some of the dogs were photographed in France and the others were photographed in Germany.

Lulu & Georgina, Boston Terriers from Germany

Alice, a Chihuahua from France

Chipie, a Miniature Pinscher from France

Lulu & Georgina at play

In late December 2011, Andy and I flew to Orlando, Florida to photograph the Eukanuba World Challenge Dog Show. This is a unique show where winning Dogs from Countries Worldwide meet to compete for the ultimate position of Champion World Dog. It was a challenging but fun project to shoot, very different to what I have photographed before, but DOGS were pleased, so I was happy :)

The Overall Winner 'Reckon' an Australian Shepherd from the USA

The stunning Afghan 'Colin' from Germany

'Suni' a beautiful Saluki representing Switzerland

A Dobermann from Argentina struts his stuff

A last minute groom for 'Reckon'

Opening Ceremony

A final groom before entering the ring

The handsome Staffordshire Bull Terrier representing New Zealand

'Colin' strides around the ring

I'm loving working with the team at DOGS, and look forward to sharing more images created for the magazine with you in the future.