Friday, 24 June 2011

An Interview with DOGS Germany.

Choko and Carla, the perfect models

I have just had a visit from Thomas Niederste-Werbeck, the Editor in Chief from DOGS, a wonderful magazine based in Germany. Thomas and photographer, Bettina Lewin, flew from Hamburg, Germany to interview and photograph me while on location in Provence photographing for 'The French Dog' book! The story will be published in the DOGS 5th Anniversary issue due for release in September...... Though it will be published in German, Thomas has promised he will supply an English translation that I will post on the blog!!!

Thomas and Bettina were wonderful to work with and were very understanding when I asked them to head out on foot to the location where I was wanting to shoot, a good 40 minutes walk in the hot afternoon sun!!!

My models for the day were Choko, a 6 year old Chocolate Labrador and Carla, a 4 year old Leonberger. Both were impeccably well behaved, a credit to their loving owner.

Choko on the rocks

Choko & Carla ample along the road

Having photographed the dogs, it was back to Domaine du Bois d'Amont to experience being on the receiving end of the camera, something that Charlize, my 18 month old daughter took in her stride. Charlize proceeded to steel the show and charmed Bettina with gorgeous laughter and smiles..... if I can gain permission, I will post a few of the images Bettina captured at a later date on the blog!

Thomas had a wonderful manner with the interview and I felt really relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed talking to him about the changes in my life, career and the new direction with my work. I was flattered immensely when Thomas told me that my images had been the inspiration for the start of DOGS magazine and that they had been so pleased to finally get to interview me in person after 5 years of publication.....with true respect from both sides I can guarantee this is definitely the start of a great working relationship.

Thank you Thomas and Bettina, it was an honor to have you visit..... See you in October, make sure Sammy practices his smiles!

Charlize fell in love with Carla

Resting in the shade

Just like her Mum, Charlize can't get enough of the Dogs!

A fascination with Noses!

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  1. Choko on the rocks. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.