Thursday, 5 April 2012

An update on my latest book projects!

There are no excuses for the lack of Blogging other than it really has been an incredibly busy past 6 months! 

My latest Book 'The French Cat' was released Worldwide in October, I am humbled at how well the book has been received and would like to offer a HUGE thank you to all you wonderful people out there that have posted such kind feedback on Facebook and to me personally. It was such a fantastic project to create, a much more personal journey than any of my previous books and it is very exciting to see it finally in print.

'The French Dog' a companion Book to 'The French Cat' has now also been completed and will be released in certain territories in May this year but some of you will have to wait until an October release! Like the Cat Book, I have traveled France and befriended many adorable canines, but unlike the tranquility and sereneness of the Cat Book, the Dog Book is a lot more Boisterous and full of life; a bit like our furry canine companions! If you liked 'The French Cat' you won't be disappointed with 'The French Dog'.

Aslan strides along the banks of the Loire

Duke and Elvis pose outside a door at Château de Beauregard

Simba at play in front of the Louvre

Andy takes Kizzie for a stroll through our little village

Flash strikes a pose at the fountain on Place de la Concorde

Napoleon and Mistral wait patiently while their owners visits the local Boulangerie

Bailey retrieves her ball on the Champs de Mars

Tchipie waits to greet guests at Château de Varenne

Along with working on the French Dog images over the past few months I have also been completing the imagery for 'Lunch in Provence' which is due for release worldwide in October, though some territories may get it a bit earlier, so kept a look out. 'Lunch in Provence' is a Lifestyle book that gives the viewer a taste of Life in Provence and the flavours that can be experienced when visiting this exquisite part of France. I am thrilled with the final design of this book and can't wait to see it printed and on the shelves. It has been a wonderful and exciting new subject for me to capture; it was quite daunting to start with but by the time I finished I was a lot more comfortable with approaching people in the streets of Provence and asking if they minded me taking their photograph...... working with people is definitely more nerve racking than working with animals, but I loved every minute of creating the images for 'Lunch in Provence' and I really hope the book is well received, especially due to the labour of love involved to create it.

Villefranche sur Mer

Lunch with Friends, Aix en Provence

A traveling couple of New Zealand enjoy a picnic with a view

Dinner at Château des Alpilles, St Remy de Provence

Café la Place, Eygalieré

Looking across the vines up to Les Baux de Provence

Jean-André Charial, the wonderfully talented Chef behind the exquisite dishes I photographed for 'Lunch in Provence' and owner of Maisons des Baumanière.

Lunch at Oustau de Baumanierè, Les Baux de Provence

None of my Book projects would come about if it wasn't for the support and encouragement of my longtime publishers PQ Blackwell. Andy and I were lucky to be able to share some of our special time at Oustau de Baumanierè with Geoff Blackwell and Ruth Hobday, we all left with very satisfied taste buds and many happy memories of a wonderful couple of days.

A Work Lunch at Oustau de Baumanierè
Geoff Blackwell, Andy McKenna (my gorgeous Husband), Ruth Hobday and Me!

Followed by Dinner!!!

Charlize, Andy and my daughter, gives instructions to one of my 'French Dog' subjects when we took a stroll up to the village of Les Baux de Provence to walk off Lunch.

Charlize enjoying her own delicacies at Oustau!

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  1. It is great to see an update of your blog. I am a new follower and yours is the only blog I follow. Your photography is inspiring as it is always of something I love (ie food) or somewhere that I want to be (ie France). Don't forget to keep us updated!!!