Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Settling in to life in New York

Mischka amongst the spring tulips in Washington Square Park

We are into our third week of being back in NYC and we are loving it. Life is a far cry from the quiet relaxing lifestyle we lead living in our small rural village in the South of France, but the change is a welcome one! Spring is in full bloom, giving the city a fresh and vibrant feel. Dogs and owners are out in force and I am meeting some wonderful new canine characters to add to my list of dogs to photograph for The New York Dog book.

The first couple of weeks have been spent location hunting and spreading the word again about the project, as well as finding our feet and figuring out places Charlize can go with her Au Pair Hannah, to keep her entertained while Andy and I work on the project. Its quite different from capturing images for The French Cat and The French Dog books; it wasn't always necessary to get permission prior to capturing images in France, whereas here in NY it's a different ball game; it is imperative I seek permission prior to pushing the trigger!!! Therefore there is a lot more planning involved to bring together the perfect dogs and locations to showcase the best of a dogs life in New York. The size of New York City is quite daunting, but we are excited to try and cover as many areas and aspects as physically possible within the 5 months we are here.... it is going to be a challenging but fantastic project to create.

Lucy and Linus frolicking in the fountain in Central Park

Bella and Bear playing ball under a blossom tree in Central Park

Justin and Hades hanging out in Stuyvesant Square

Tough Guy Hades strikes a pose

Spring time in Central Park with Lulu and Jess

Charlize giving her new friend Lucy a cuddle

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