Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Juggling work with being a Mum

I have always been very career orientated, I know how to play, but work has always been my priority. For the first 2 years of being a Mum it was easy to combine family life with work, the three of us were on the road together photographing for The French Cat, The French Dog and Lunch in Provence, but now Charlize is nearly 3 years old and we need to settle down a little..... she started school in September!!!

Me settle down!!! not an easy concept!!! 
I love being on the road, traveling, having a different view everyday; but I do love spending time at home too, but I get bored easily! Andy is the same! I think every day we are planning new things, where we will head to next, what projects should we tackle, but Charlize is our priority now, so it is important that we do what is best for her..... THANK GOODNESS my Mum gave me some great advice during one of our 'what is best for Charlize' talks, she told me that travel is one of the most educational things a child can experience...... Whew, we are off the hook and don't have to pack the suitcases into the closet just yet :)

I love to photograph Charlize, though she is at a challenging age at the moment, a month off 3 years!!! I could catch her in a perfect mood where she is happy to dance for the camera, or she might be completely uncooperative and eventually lead me to total frustration..... why is it I have endless patience with all other subjects but when it comes to photographing someone you know better than anyone else, your patience vanishes out the window!

The other day we went out into the vines for a walk, Charlize wasn't in the most cooperative mood, but sometimes its best just to let them do their own thing!

We are lucky here in the South of France, the light is so crisp and clean.

A favourite place for a walk, The Canal du Midi

My costume making skills were put back into work..... I transformed Charlize into a Cheetah for the local schools Halloween Party.

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