Tuesday, 6 November 2012

More Cover Shoots for DOGS

I love heading to Germany for a few days to create Cover images for DOGS Magazine. I have had the pleasure to work with some gorgeous dogs, all are the adored pets of subscribers to the Magazine.... it is wonderful that Thomas, the Editor in Chief of DOGS, has given readers the opportunity to have their own pets as the Cover Stars. So Thomas and I head off on road trips around Germany to capture a variety of breeds, pure and not so pure, so the cover of each Magazine graces a different character and look for every edition.

A stunning Black Great Dane

Anga was a little nervous to start, but soon settled into the role with ease, she was beautiful, rather tall but very regal.

A couple of gorgeous crossbreeds

Amy was sceptical, Ole was happy go lucky; both totally adorable and great fun to photograph for the first cover shot out in the environment.

An angelic petite Jack Russell

Ball crazy and full of beans, but an absolute angel to photograph, exceptional manners and a character that continuously makes you smile, secretly I think she thinks she is a Kangaroo!

A cute cheeky little Pug and an extremely energetic Weimaraner

An interesting combination of breeds, but these two are great mates. Elf has to be the most well behaved Weimaraner I have ever met and Herr Mops idolizes her, therefore follows suit in all aspects of character; plays hard, runs hard and steps into heel at the drop of a hat... a wonderful couple of dogs to capture through the lens.

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